Anthony Dyer - In Memorium 1964-2023

Violin I

Anthony Dyer performed in the first violin section of the Eugene Symphony; he played violin for over 40 years. He also performed with the Portland Chamber Orchestra. He enjoyed a wide variety of music, including jazz and classical. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Anthony's mother made sure to incorporate music into Anthony's education. Anthony received a Bachelor of Music Degree from California State University, Northridge and a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Oregon.

Anthony’s calm, inquisitive, and caring spirit made him a kind and friendly colleague. In addition to his work on the Silva Concert Hall stage with the full orchestra, he participated in several of ESA’s community engagement programs over the years, including a performance as part of the Eugene-Springfield chapter of the NAACP’s Martin Luther King, Jr. tribute event in January 2019. He also contributed a recorded performance included in a virtual MLK event in 2021, and a video of the latter is accessible here, with Anthony’s portion starting at about 12:30.

In addition to music, Anthony flourished in the Capoeira community. He was a Contra Mestre, the first step to becoming a Mestre or Master, often traveling to support others at festivals and celebrations. Anthony formed lifelong friendships with other players who surrounded him with joy and a sense of family. He relished their company and looked forward to more trips to Brazil, the birthplace of this martial arts practice.