Annual Report

A message from Executive Director Scott Freck: 

"2017/18 was an extraordinary year of artistic achievement and service to the people of our region. It is a whopping understatement to say that we are thrilled that Francesco Lecce-Chong has joined us here in Eugene. Along with our talented musician colleagues, he created so many captivating memories on stage this year that it’s impossible to recount them all in this space…although a certain performance of Mahler’s exultant Fifth Symphony surely warrants mention!

So too, this season we also brought music into the lives of our fellow Oregonians in even more ways and locations than ever before. In the 11 years since our Long-Range Plan was adopted in 2007, our music education and community engagement programs have grown by more than 270%, now reaching more than 26,000 people annually. You can read more about these life-changing experiences on the Education & Community Engagement Highlights page within this report.
With your support and advocacy, this promises to be a new golden  age for the Eugene Symphony. Thank you again for all you do to help us achieve our exalted mission of enriching lives through the power  of music." 

17/18 Annual Report