Express Yourself!

Check out several ways you and your family can connect to music through creative play for our Soundwaves: Symphony Connect concert premiering on February 11 at 7pm PST!

Learn more about the concert, HERE.

The following activities are ways we all can further connect to our own creative nature through the healing power of music. You are invited to participate at a comfort level that is best for you. Please consider these opportunities to play, sing, move, draw and write as paths for personal expression within a ‘judgement-free zone’ — remembering that a finished product is not the goal. Yes, as Stephen Chong might say, “It’s all about the Journey!”

Click on the '+' to the right of each activity and descriptions will appear. Enjoy!

Sing-a-long or Play-a-long


Sing along “karaoke style” to Journey’s "Don't Stop Believin'" and David Bowie's "Space Oddity"! 

View the lyrics for both songs, HERE.


View the guitar chord sheets for David Bowie’s "Space Oddity", HERE.

View the guitar chord sheets for Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'", HERE.


Interpretive Dance Party 

Using scarves and a medium-to-large size balloon, create your own spontaneous interpretive dance party to the music of the Symphony Connect Quartet! This might be best with the Journey and David Bowie songs, although other pieces on the program might have interesting results as well. This is a great activity for families with children (of all ages).

Rhythmic Breathing for Relaxation 

While listening to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, fully and purposely inhale and exhale in time with the music. (Imagining the following words sung along with the repeating melody line can be helpful)

Listen for the melody line, then—

(Inhale) Breathing In,

(exhale) Breathing out,

(inhale) That’s what life

(exhale) is all about

Repeat a few times, then try—

(inhale) Breathing in, breathing out

(exhale) That’s what life is all about.

Continue to the end of the piece, changing breathing rhythms as is comfortable for you.


Scribble Drawing 

While listening to one piece, use a pencil, marker or crayon to slowly and randomly draw on a full sheet of unlined paper. Consider creating a ‘gallery’ composed of a page for each musical selection performed by the Symphony Connect Quartet!

More information on the ‘how-to & why’ of Scribble Drawing can be found, HERE.

Examples of Scribble Drawings can be found, HERE.


Visualize and Write

After listening to the entire Symphony Connect program select the one piece that was most enjoyable for you. Use your imagination and visualize a Place, a Time, and a Color, then write down what comes to mind while listening one more time to your chosen piece. It might be best if you can write for the entire length of the piece.

Free Write on ‘Resilience’ 

After watching the entire Symphony Connect program, select the one piece that best represents what the word Resilience means for you. Pause to reflect for 30 seconds or so then play the video of that piece again, this time freely and continuously writing down any thoughts, single words, phrases, ideas and sentences that come to mind. Continue writing for the duration of your chosen piece and see what comes forward.