Music Advocacy

Music Education Pathways/Advocacy Subcommittee

In January 2020, Eugene Symphony established the Music Education Pathways/Advocacy Subcommittee to:

  • Ensure music education advocacy is a role for everyone in the orchestra family: Board members, musicians, staff, volunteers, and audiences.
  • Advocate for policies which ensure that in-school music educator positions are a consistent and high priority across area school districts, which are filled by qualified music educators, so as to demonstrably improve equitable access to high-quality music education for all students, and particularly in low-income and underfunded schools.
  • Proactively form sustainable advocacy relationships with school partners, policy leaders, and community stakeholders to secure the success of every child’s music education.
  • Participate in forums where local, state, and national education policies are determined by listening to community needs and communicating the benefits of systemic K-12 music education.

(Source: League of American Orchestra’s Statement of Common Cause: Orchestras Support In-School Music Education)


Please refer to the following studies for more information on MUSIC EDUCATION BENEFITS:

  • Band enrollment and high school graduation rates (Warnet, 2019). Read study
  • A 2-year longitudinal study of 643 elementary and high school students found that in-school arts participation were predictors of positive academic outcomes (Martin et al., 2013). Read study
  • The arts and achievement in at-risk youth: findings from four longitudinal studies (Catterall, 2012). Read study
  • Music education, academic achievement, and executive functions (Holochwost et al., 2017). Read study