Private Teachers

The following list of Eugene Symphony musicians offer private lessons through their individual studios. Please contact them directly if you are interested in learning more!

Benefits of Private Lessons:
Private lessons provide focused, customized instruction from a professional Eugene Symphony musician. These music education opportunities allow students to not only receive tailored, concentrated feedback and learn at their own pace, but also achieve personal goals (from nailing an audition piece to preparing for a solo performance), building skills consistently over time. Lessons expose young musicians to a role model, one who demonstrates a professional sound on their instrument, and can show students what a future career in music could be. Additionally, studies have shown that individualized music classes can positively impact student confidence, self-esteem, and overall school performance.


Lisa F McWhorter, Assistant Concertmaster
Studio Location: Eugene, Online lessons available

Teaches: Violin (Ages 3+, all skill levels)

Specializes in: Classical violin instruction (standard repertoire and Suzuki method) and String and mixed chamber music coaching. I welcome interest in all repertoire: fiddle, popular tunes, non-traditional pieces as well.

I have been teaching violin for over 20 years and maintain an active teaching studio in Eugene and online. I love teaching students of all ages and abilities and connecting with them on a personal level to support lifelong learning. I hope to meet the needs of each student and aim to help students accomplish their own goals on the violin. To help make beautiful music, we work on fundamentals, improving technique, and understanding phrasing and musicality. As a certified yoga teacher, I see the vital importance of addressing the physical body and posture, as well. I also hope to help foster finding more patience, determination and flow through mindful practice, and exploring how the brain and body learn in a positive atmosphere.

Yvonne Hsueh, Violin I
Studio Website

Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Violin, Piano (All skill levels)
Specializes in: Suzuki and traditional

I teach and coach the violin like a sports coach with a kinesthetic approach to movement and development.

Sophie Therrell, Violin I
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Violin (All ages and skill levels)
Specializes in: Suzuki violin and viola, Fiddle, and Chamber coaching

I have been teaching privately for over twenty five years and really enjoy making music with my students. I am equally experienced teaching young beginners, older advanced kids and adult beginners. My emphasis is on finding a balance between technique and repertoire and most importantly learning to play without tension, but with confidence and strength.

Alwyn Wright, Violin I
Studio Website
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Violin (All ages and skill levels), Piano (beginning)
Specializes in: Suzuki and Traditional

I have been teaching violin, viola and piano for 30 years. In September of 2020 I became the first American Yamaha Violin Course Consultant and I am currently training teachers all over the United States how to teach the Yamaha Violin Method. I moved to Eugene in June of 2019 and started the Wright Davies Community Music School, a place where anyone at any age at any level can come to have a fun and enriching musical experience. I tailor my method to each student's needs and preferences, with emphasis on finding the type of music that motivates that particular student.

Julia Frantz, Assistant Principal Violin II
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Violin (All ages and skill levels)
Specializes in: Classical, fiddle, and bluegrass styles

I maintain a private violin teaching studio of approximately 10-15 students of all ages. I strive to offer a positive, thoughtful and fun learning environment, open to all ages, experience levels, and musical interests. As both an orchestral musician and an avid fiddler, I appreciate many different genres of music and am comfortable teaching both classical violin and fiddle/bluegrass styles. Through personalized lessons focused on musical expression, the development of technical skills, and an appreciation of different musical styles and repertoire, my goal is to foster a love of music and learning in each of my students.

Claudia Miller, Violin II
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Violin (Ages 5+)

Everyone learns differently, and in private lessons we have the opportunity to identify ways of effectively reaching each student. I love helping my students learn to play violin, and try to find joy and satisfaction at every lesson.

Alice Blankenship, Violin II
Studio Website
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Violin (Ages 8+, all skill levels)
Specializes in: I teach classical violin lessons, sprinkled with folk music, and the option to add students' favorite genres and tunes to their violin study.

The violin repertoire is vast and wonderful, and can be explored for a lifetime! To that end, I give serious attention to healthy posture, body mechanics, technique, and happy practice habits, so that students can play violin for life!

Jannie Wei, Violin II
Studio Website
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Violin (Beginner to Advanced)
Specializes in: Suzuki method, Traditional and chamber coaching

Everyone has a different way of learning and as a teacher, it is important to be observant and flexible to our student’s needs.

Shauna Keyes, Viola
Studio Location: Portland

Viola (Beginner to advanced)
Violin (Beginner to intermediate)

I believe that music should bring joy to the student. It is hard work but rewarding. I have 30 years of teaching experience and love the process and results of the hard work.

Anne Ridlington, Principal Cello
Studio Location: Corvallis

Teaches: Cello (All ages and skill levels)

Eric Alterman, Assistant Principal Cello
Studio Website
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Cello

I seek to find a special approach for each student that sparks joy and motivation, and allows them to discover their intuitive musicality. I have over 10 years of experience teaching children and adults.

Dale Bradley, Cello
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Cello
Specializes in: String chamber music coaching

Ann Grabe, Cello
Studio Location: Corvallis

Teaches: Cello (Ages 5+)
Specializes in: I teach the Suzuki Method for the younger students, and traditional lessons for adults

Kathryn Brunhaver, Cello
Studio Website
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Cello (All ages and skill levels)
Specializes in: Suzuki method (registered in all 10 books), Music theory, and Improvisation

I have 15 years of teaching experience with students between the ages of 4 and 70+. I strive for a balance of consistency and flexibility in my teaching in that certain core concepts are universal, while others are very personal to the specific student. While I aim to teach all of my cello students a well-rounded set of skills, I allow each student’s individuality to guide our path in achieving those skills. Above all, I want my students to feel capable, motivated, and supported in their unique journeys as musicians.


Jill Pauls, 3rd Flute/Piccolo
Studio Location: Corvallis & Online

Teaches: Flute (All ages and skill levels)

Cheryl Wefler, 2nd Oboe
Studio Website
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Oboe, Oboe d'amore (High School-Adult)
Specializes in: Student driven lessons, reed making

Ben Greanya, Principal Bassoon
Studio Website

Teaches: Bassoon (All ages and skill levels)
Specializes in: Bassoon instruction, chamber music coaching, reed making, basic music theory

Sharing the things I’ve learned is one of the great joys I’ve found in music and in life. My emphasis in teaching is on cultivating good habits. By that, I mean using time efficiently, making sure to build on success and not frustration, and organizing music into small, achievable parts. We each learn in unique ways and discovering what works best for you is key to unlocking your capabilities on the bassoon and in music.

Steve Vacchi, 3rd/Contrabassoon
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Bassoon
Specializes in: Classical

Isaac Beu, 2nd/E-Flat Clarinet
Studio Website

Teaches: Clarinet (All ages and skill levels)

Thanks to my own pedagogical background, I am a very passionate and enthusiastic educator. My former studio in Texas included 3 All-State musicians. I am comfortable teaching students of all ages and abilities.


Jonathan Kuhns-Obana, Assistant Horn
Studio Location: Eugene/Springfield

Teaches: French Horn (Middle school and older)

Lydia Van Dreel, 3rd Horn
Studio Website

Teaches: French Horn

Dave Bender, 2nd Trumpet
Studio Location: Zoom (Online)

Teaches: Trumpets in C, Bb, D, and Eb, FlugelhornBaroque (natural), trumpet (Cornet) - All ages and skill levels

Trumpets are fun to play. There is nothing like making a sound on a trumpet, playing in the infinite realm of good vibrations. Trumpet is a singer’s instrument; it is all imagination, melody, breathing, and beauty. The art of music is the art of listening. At turns, leading and following, music is an expressive conversation and negotiation between oneself and other musicians. It is the language of love, and anyone can learn to speak it. Learn to make music and you will always have purpose, meaning, and satisfaction through the joys of creating in this most perfect art form. It is truly limitless.

Carson Keeble, 2nd Trombone
Studio Location: Online (Zoom) / Springfield, OR

Teaches: Trombone (Middle school and older)
Specializes in: Chamber music coaching

There are few things I find more rewarding than working with young, motivated musicians who are excited to improve. I’ve been teaching students middle school and older for 20 years, and currently teach at Oregon State University and Willamette University as well as maintain a private lesson studio. My basic teaching philosophy is two-fold. First, I strive to relieve all unnecessary tension. Creating one’s most beautiful sound and highest level of technical proficiency can only occur when the body and mind are relaxed and centered. Secondly, I strive to help students tap their inner expressive selves. Music has a unique capacity to allow us to discover emotions and expression that we may not even know exist within us. This manifests itself differently in everyone, and I believe a teacher has a responsibility to help students discover their own version of expression.


Ian Kerr, Principal Timpani

Teaches: Percussion/Timpani

Jane Allen, Principal Harp
Studio Location: Eugene

Teaches: Harp, pedal and lever (All ages and skill levels)

I have taught students ranging in ages from 5 to 75, whose goals have ranged from learning a few simple melodies for fun, to professional aspirations. I teach traditional classical harp music, pop or folk/Celtic style music, and (or) improvisational skills for therapeutic playing. I also write/arrange/transcribe music for solo harp and harp ensemble.