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Full Season subscriptions on sale on Tuesday, March 19.

Concert Tickets

Individual tickets range from $15 to $68 for most concerts. $10 tickets are available for students and youth for some concerts. See ticket options for all concerts on the Hult Center's website here. Single tickets will go on sale for all concerts, including special concerts, on August 1 (although you can sign up for our newsletter for exclusive pre-sale offers!).

Compose Your Own Packages

Join us for this exciting season with one of our three subscription options: Full Symphonic season, Beethoven Piano Fest, and a Quarterly Subscription. Visit the Hult Center website to build your own package or check out our curated packages. Read more about these options for savings and flexibility below. Partial-season subscription packages will be on sale on June 4, 2024.

Subscriber benefits

Save up to 15%

Buy 9 all concerts and save up to 15% compared to buying tickets to one concert at a time.

Special pricing – special access

You have the first chance to purchase tickets to our special concert offerings for our 2024/25 Season and have early access to purchase tickets at a discount. You also get a 10% discount on extra tickets to Symphonic Series concerts.

The best seats are yours*

The best seats at the best prices, and you get to keep your seats all season and renew them year after year.

Ticket exchange

If something comes up, exchange your tickets for another Symphonic Series concert for FREE at the ticket office (must request exchange at least 24 hours prior to the concert you'll miss).

Summer concert tickets*

You'll have the first opportunity to request tickets to our annual Symphony in the Park concert.

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Receive email reminders and other inside information.

Group Rates*

Group rates available with additional discounts when you buy 5 or more full season subscriptions.

*These benefits only available to full-season subscribers.

Renew your full-season subscription

Renewals for the 2024/25 Season will be available on March 19. You can stay up to date by following our enewsletter for updates and exclusive offers.


  • Click HERE to renew online. 
    As of July 1, 2020, the Hult Center moved to a new ticketing site. If you have not purchased tickets from the Hult Center since July 1, 2020, you will need to activate your account.

    Once you click the link below, you will be taken to a page that prompts you to "log in". Follow the instructions on this FAQ page HERE (skip to step 4).

    For help with your account, call the Hult Center Ticket Office at 541-682-5000.

Call the Hult Center Ticket Office

  • 541-682-5000

Visit the Hult Center Ticket Office

  • Located at One Eugene Center, Eugene OR, 97401. Open Tuesday – Saturday from noon – 5 pm.

Buy a full-season subscription

Our 2024/25 Season will be available March 19.

A-Level: $538 | B-Level: $440 | C-Level: $328 | D-Level: $223 (Limited availability!)


  • Click HERE to purchase your full season subscription or renew your current one for the 2023/24 Season!  

Call the Hult Center Ticket Office

  • 541-682-5000 

Visit the Hult Center Ticket Office

  • Located at One Eugene Center, Eugene OR, 97401. Open Tuesday – Friday from noon – 5pm.

Beethoven Fest

On sale June 4: We're excited to have you join us this season for an exhilarating series featuring the five finalists for our Music Director search as they each conduct a piece from Ludwig van Beethoven. 

A-Level: $286 | B-Level $229 | C-Level $167 | D-Level $106


  • Click HERE to purchase your Beethoven Fest subscription

Call the Hult Center Ticket Office

  • 541-682-5000

Visit the Hult Center Ticket Office

  • Located at One Eugene Center, Eugene OR, 97401. Open Tuesday – Friday from noon – 5pm.

Conductor's Circle Seating and Donation Policy

The Conductor’s Circle is an area of premium seats with unparalleled sightlines in the rear orchestra and mezzanine levels of Silva Concert Hall. Due to demand and popularity, a minimum $1,200 annual donation per household per pair of seats is required. (Limit two seats per household with Conductor’s Circle level gift).

This gift must be pledged or paid prior to (or with) purchase of Conductor’s Circle seats. The gift must be received by or before the calendar year of the subscription season for which the seats are issued. Our season runs from July 1 to June 30.

To make your Conductor’s Circle contribution and secure your premium seats, please contact the Hult Center Ticket Office at 541-682-5000. Contributions can made through the ticket office or Eugene Symphony Development Office at 541-687-9487 x1104.

A First-Timer's Guide

Thank you joining us at Eugene Symphony! Whether it's your first time attending one of our events (welcome!) or you're a regular, we are so excited for you to attend!

Here are a few things to expect and plan for on concert night at the Hult Center:

  • What to wear: We do not have a set dress code for attending Eugene Symphony concerts. Our attendees run the full spectrum, from ballgowns to jeans and t-shirts: We just want you to be comfortable as you enjoy the concert.
  • When to clap: It can sometimes be hard to know if the orchestra is actually done with a piece or if they're just taking a brief rest between movements (sections of the piece). To clap or not to clap between movements has been debated for centuries. We want you to clap and celebrate the music when you feel inspired to. If that means clapping between movements, we're glad you're enjoying the piece!
  • Join us for a pre-concert talk: Before most performances, at 6:30 pm, we offer our Guild Pre-Concert Talk to all attendees, featuring Music Director & Conductor Francesco Lecce-Chong and the evening's special guests. Stay informed of all week-of and night-of events by subscribing to our newsletter.
  • How to get to the Hult Center and where to park
  • Accessibility at the Hult Center
  • Concessions and Coat Check
  • Brush up on your Symphony vocabulary
  • Keeping our patrons safe and healthy

Thank you for joining us! We will see you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I renew?
Go online
(your renewal is already prepared on your Hult Center account!), call or visit the Hult Center Ticket Office when they're open, or mail in your invoice.

Hult Center Ticket Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 12 pm-5 pm
Saturday, 12 pm-4 pm

When do seat changes happen?
May 30—still renew now when subscriptions go on sale. Once the renewal deadline passes, the Hult Center will process seat change requests in the order they are received.

When are special tickets on sale?

Can I subscribe now even if I’m not a current subscriber?
Yes! You can subscribe at any time.